Monday, March 31, 2014

Cliff Painting in Gouache - Short Video

Cliff Painting in Gouache from Erik Tiemens on Vimeo.

 Pacific Cliffs - 11" x 13" - gouache and watercolor on blue-gray toned watercolor paper. This was traditionally stretched with gummed paper on gator board.

More Demo Videos on my website

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Reductive lights and mixing Gouache with your Watercolors

Landscape with Fishing Barges at Low Tide
5" x 7" Watercolor and gouache on hot pressed paper 

I'm experimenting here with reductive sponging and lifting out techniques to reveal highlights in the initial gouache wash background. This works to introduce atmospheric texture and depth, especially in the lower cloud sections above the distant water. I like this approach, similar to a solvent/medium wash on canvas with oils; then later pulling lighter spots with a rag. After this I go over the blocked out areas with progressive layers of watercolor washes and gouache delineation. 

The roughly indicated foreground figures are in the spirit of 1600's staffage. Figures of different genres (workers, soldiers, farmers, etc.) that often decoratively populated Dutch Golden Age landscape paintings. These were typically done by other artists, collaborating with the landscape painter.  The specialist staffage artists you could say added the right amount of scale and interest to scenes that would otherwise be empty. Adriaen van der Velde is one of my favorite ones and a great painter and draftsman in his own right. He was especially gifted with subtle transitions of tone on animals and artisan/farmers that would seem to step into the 'theatrical spotlight'.

On the workshop front, folks are signing up. Please reserve your spot soon so you can be part of my Intro to Watercolor and Goauche Painting - Workshop. May 3-4, 2014, San Francisco, CA

In sharing more insights on this exciting combination of water based paints, I hope to bring dramatic improvements in your painting and technical knowledge on the matter!

Saturday, March 08, 2014

Spring Workshop 2014

Intro to Watercolor and Gouache Painting - Workshop coming up May 3 - 4, 2014 
San Francisco, CA

You are invited to join in this upcoming workshop, perfect for covering the basics. I'll use a solid approach through multiple workshop exercises and show you clear examples via demos. We will focus on creating flat washes, gradated washes, wet into wet washes, brush control and mastering a better understanding of your materials to know what you can achieve.

Color and tone will also be an important area of study. Intermediate painters are also encouraged to attend and the environment will strongly encourage personal experimentation with teacher feedback. Paper, brushes and pigments will be covered too. Know the possible ranges of your tools and media to better achieve artistic excellence in your work. Gouache has a notorious reputation as being a 'tricky' medium. I will show you easy steps to conquer those challenges and embrace the wonderful variation found in mixing watercolor and gouache together, as so many great artists from the past did. Turner, Winslow Homer, Sargent and Zorn come to mind. 

I look forward to teaching new and returning students.

Sign Up Here! 

Tiburon Marsh - watercolor & gouache - 9" x 12" - hot pressed paper

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Gouache Study

Recent gouache figure study from life with an added base of warm light grey and red earth tones. Transparent washes here and there. Thick opaque white gouache added in the brighter areas.  I used a small bristle flat brush which is well worn for textural effects.

Gouache & Watercolor on hot pressed Fabriano/Artistico paper. 9" x 12" - image is slightly cropped.

I look forward to meeting everyone who signed up for the upcoming Intro to Watercolor & Gouache Painting Workshop at the Gnomon school in Hollywood, CA - March 1,  2014! There is still room for more folks to join!

Friday, February 14, 2014

New Work Available

I'm excited to share that I will be selling original gouache and watercolor works on paper through my website. Please take a look!

If you have any questions about the paintings I will be happy to respond through my website's contact page.

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Cliff Studies

Working from memory and on location, more cliff studies
 near the Pt. Bonita Lighthouse and Tennessee Valley beach (Northern California).
Watercolor and gouache. Top image - 5"x7" study for an oil painting. Middle image - 10.5" x 7" seastack rock form and surf study with additional block-in pictures.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Recent Work + Workshop News 2014

Detail of a recent gouache painting on hot pressed board - 5" x 7"

' Lake in drought conditions with distant ruins '

Exploring modern themes with a classical point of view. As we need the rain here in California I couldn't ignore the recent imagery of parched reservoirs throughout the state and beyond. In this piece I used both Titanium white (gouache) and Chinese white (watercolor). The latter is much more translucent as a watercolor pigment than the opaque white gouache. It is worth combining and experimenting with these different mediums in one painting.